Bible Institute

Developing A Dynamic Bible Institute
Since 1930, ETA has provided guidance, encouragement, and curriculum for Bible institutes. ETA has received hundreds of requests for help in organizing a Bible institute. To meet the growing demand for assistance in starting a new Bible institute, ETA has published Developing a Dynamic Bible Institute, a 50+ page guide designed to take you step-by-step through the organizational process. It is packaged as a digital download.

This product is also designed to introduce new (less than one year) Bible Institutes to ETA membership through the Bible Institute Nurture Program.  The application for this program can only be obtained in Developing a Dynamic Bible Institute download.


Table of Contents

Letter from the President of ETA

What is a Bible Institute?

Can a Bible Institute Be Called Something Else?

Six Reasons to Start a Bible Institute

Five Things Which Should Be In Place Before You Decide to Start a Bible Institute

12 Foundational Steps to Starting A Bible Institute

What Can You Do Now to Start?

A Brief History of the Bible Institute Movement in America

Constitution and Bylaws of Anywhere Bible Institute

Bible Institute Survey

Sample Bible Institute Mission Statements

Sample Bible Institute Registration Form and Transcript

ETA Course Descriptions

Sample Budgets for a Bible Institute/Budget Worksheet

Sample Three-year Curriculum Plan for a Bible Institute/Sample Schedule

25 Ways to Promote Your Bible Institute

Student Evaluation Form

Application for the Bible Institute Nurture Program

Sample Planning Calendar Checklist for Starting a Bible Institute

How to Arrange for an On-site Visit by a Representative of ETA

What is Accreditation?



The Digital Version can be purchased for $54.99 in the E-store.