Award & Certificate Information

Equipping people in your church for ministry is absolutely necessary. Our optional certificate program is uniquely designed to organize ETA courses into specific areas of study. In addition, the student’s progress is rewarded each step of the way. You may request a free Church Ministries Certificate Program Package containing all the necessary forms to support your participation in the program or download them from this site.


ETA Courses are organized into specific areas of study. Subject areas include Bible and doctrine, church ministry skills, leadership skills, and outreach skills. Creative resources provide many presentation options.

  • At each step you will be rewarded with visible evidence of your accomplishment. One course equals a minimum of 10 instructional hours to earn one credit.
  • The required courses represent a core curriculum, essential to everyone.
  • The electives provide flexibility for your special needs. Elective courses are chosen from:

                  Additional Classroom Series Courses

                 (exclude designated required courses)

  • As each level of study is satisfactorily completed, an attractive certificate will be awarded.

Here’s How it Works

Step 1: All instructors must become an ETA Approved Teacher

The instructor might be the pastor of the church, director of Christian education, an experienced teacher or administrator, denominational leader, or curriculum consultant. To issue ETA credits, the instructor must be either an ETA Diploma holder (obtained from a member institution) or by completing an individual application. 

Step 2: Awarding ETA Award Credit Cards

As each ETA course is completed the instructor will submit the Request For Award Credit Cards form. Credits are logged in the ETA database free of charge. Printed achievement awards are available for a small fee.

Step 3: Awarding ETA Certificates

As students follow the progression of classes in the program, certificates are available. There are four levels of achievement, each building upon the other: