The entire staff of ETA is committed to you and your teaching ministry. Our desire is to help you develop a lay leadership training strategy that more effectively fulfills Christ’s Great Commission to go into all the world, “teaching them” to observe all His teachings. Matthew 28:19-20.

What We Do

The basic calling of ETA is to provide services and resources that assist in the training lay leaders for ministry in the local church.  


  • The Church Ministries Certificate Program

  • The Church Membership Programs

  • The Bible Institute Nurture Program

  • The School Membership Program


  • Bible and Theology courses

  • Ministry Skills courses

  • Evangelism and Outreach Courses

  • Leadership courses

Who We Are

Since 1930 ETA has been provided excellent curriculum and effective training programs for churches like yours. 

Experienced. Founded in 1930

Doctrinally Dependable. Our conservative Statement of Faith as remained unchanged since our founding.

Educationally Sound. Merging cognitive necessity with developmental sensitivity, ETA courses engage all types of learners.

Adaptable. ETA course are used in hundreds of denominations and faith networks through the US and the world.

Ministry Driven. ETA strives to daily practice 2 Timothy 2:2, reproducing biblical teachers who will be able to teach others also.