Teaching Techniques

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This course continues examination of teaching methods used in church education.  Making appropriate choices need not be daunting task.  This course discusses the teaching methods of Jesus, what constitutes effective teaching, and why educational psychology informs our teaching methods.

Dr. Ken Riggs, 104 pages, paper, ISBN 978-1-929852-40-6,  Item# 1135

Table of Contents

Studying Jesus' Example

  • Jesus Christ, the Ultimate Educator
  • He Desired to Serve
  • He was dedicated to the Scriptures
  • He was diverse in His situations


What is An Effective Teacher?

  • The seven Laws of Teaching
  • Characteristics of Effective Teachers Personified
  • Two Essentials Ingredients of Effective Teaching



  • Understanding Psychology
  • What is Educational Psychology
  • Being Different is Good
  • Learning Differences and Learning Needs
  • Learning Plans


Bonus: Three That Mattered


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