Beyond Reasonable Doubt

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Aside from personal faith in God, is there evidence to substantiate the claims of Christianity? You be the judge! An introduction to the study of apologetics, this book will take a step-by-step approach through the well-documented evidence and help you reach a verdict that could change your life.

Robert J Morgan, 96 pages, paper, ISBN 978-0-910566-70-4, Item# 1110

Table of Contents

  • Introduction: Can Christianity Be Proven
  • The Empty Tomb
  • The Eyewitnesses
  • The Existence of Creation
  • The Complexity of Creation
  • Historical Prophecy
  • Messianic Prophecy
  • The Unequaled Christ
  • The Solidarity of Scripture
  • The Reliability of Biblical Documents
  • The Evidence of Archaeology
  • The Witness of Changed Lives
  • The Absence of Alternatives
  • Conclusion: The Step of Faith