Starting or reshaping a learning community is a huge task. Whether you’re starting or reshaping a Bible Institute, we can help. We know how to help with your task of growing minds, hearts, and relationships for kingdom growth and God’s glory. With ETA you enjoy:
  • Expert guidance based on almost 80 years of Bible Institute consulting.
  • Informed, integrated, flexible, and scaleable curriculum resources.
  • Positive and compassionate encouragement for the journey.
Following the proven insights contained in our Developing a Dynamic Bible Institute program you’ll learn:
  • What is a Bible Institute?
  • Can a Bible Institute Be Called Something Else?
  • Six Reasons to Start a Bible Institute
  • Five Things Which Should Be In Place Before You Decide to Start a Bible Institute
  • 12 Foundational Steps to Starting a Bible Institute
  • What Can You Do Now to Start?

Many Bible Institutes have also enriched their offerings by choosing to use our Certificate Program and the Bible Institute Nurture Program.




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