About Us

Since 1930 ETA has been providing excellent curriculum and effective training programs for churches like yours. For those new to ETA here is an overview of who we are:

  • Experienced Founded in 1930.
  • Doctrinally Dependable Solidly holds to a conservative, evangelical theology.
  • Educationally Sound Bridging cognitive necessity with developmental sensitivity, ETA courses are designed to engage all types of adult learners. ETA materials are edited from an intercultural perspective.
  • Thoroughly Field-Tested ETA materials are used by thousands of churches in over 100 denominations. ETA resources reach a global constituency.
  • Widely Accepted ETA resources are used in hundreds of denominations throughout the US and the world.
  • Ministry Driven As a non-profit ministry organization comprised of seminaries, colleges, universities, institutes, and churches, ETA is committed to providing quality training resources for equipping lay volunteers to serve Christ more effectively in the church.
  • Affordable Produces materials which are attractive and reasonably priced.

The basic calling of ETA is to provide programs, materials, and services which assist churches in equipping lay leaders for ministry within the local church.

The entire staff of ETA is committed to you and your church. Our goal is to help develop a lay leadership training program to more effectively fulfill Christ’s Great Commission.

ETA facilitates kingdom growth and serves as a bridge between member schools and the broader evangelical community. Our unique lay leadership resources equip local churches, Bible Institutes, and academic communities with proven training curriculum.  

Several programs are available to network and design structured formats:

  • Church Ministry Certificate Program
  • Church Membership Program
  • Bible Institute Nurture Program
  • Member School Program


ETA Historical Overview