World Missions Book: Well Sent By Steve Beirn

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Steve Beirn moves the conversation on global missionary sending from the mission agency to the front door of the local church. With a special chapter by George Murray, Well Sent equips local churches in launching missionary sending through:
  • scalable guidance
  • accessible illustrations
  • and practical action points.

More than a how-to manual, Well Sent critically evaluates topics such as sending perception and evaluation of the missionary call. This book will prepare potential missionary candidates for service and support the missional efforts of any church.

  • The Perception of Sending: Why Has Sending Lost Its Way??
  • The Basis for Sending: How does the Bible Endorse it?
  • The Blessing of Sending: How is it Personal and Energizing?
  • The Mobilization Keys: What Can Fortify the Church?
  • The Mobilization Role: How Does the Church Contribute?
  • The Evaluation Role: How and Why Does the Church Evaluate a Missionary Call?
  • The Functional Relationship
  • The Strategic Relationship: What are the Remaining Unfinished Task?
  • The Danger of Becoming a Sending-Church Model
  • The Danger of Distractions:  What Keeps the Church from Being Effective Senders?
  • Identifying a Sending Church

ISBN:  9781619582118  Item # 1166