Understanding Teaching: Creatively Prompting Biblical Life-Change

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This book is an attempt to place within the hands of church leader-teachers and academics the practical substance of teaching the Bible for life-change.  The desire to be on the teaching team with the Holy Spirit to help people be inspired and motivated to live for Christ is at the center of the writing.  Providing practical techniques and know-how also is intended.  The process of working to prepare, present, and evaluate teaching ETA proposes: strongly biblical, contextually relevant, simply practical.

Gregory C. Carlson, 233 pages, paper, ISBN 978-0-910566-21-6, Item# 1156

Table of Contents

  • Why Teach?
  • Prompting Student's Learning
  • Preparing Yourself in the Word
  • Application and Learning
  • Developing Lesson Aims
  • Planning the Lesson
  • Utilizing Curriculum 
  • Selecting Methods
  • Preparing Materials
  • Creating Environment
  • Evaluating Teaching
  • Keeping Fresh

Appendix A:  Questions for a Philosophy of Christian Education

Appendix B:  Teacher Evaluation Form