Exalt His Name - Understanding Music and Worship - Book 2

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Be exalted, O God, above the heavens!  Let your glory be over all the earth!   Psalm 57:11

This book is a resource tool for individuals, worship teams, worship leaders, and pastors to use in practicing worship.  Although "music" is in the book's subtitle, this is not a music fundamentals, technique, or methods ("how to") resource.  Rather, this is a handbook that delivers biblical, historic, and philosophical principles for the use of music in worship.  As a devotional book, the writing style and materials discussed are intentionally practical to the everyday life of a worshiper.  As a teaching tool, the materials are insightful, engaging, and resourceful.

By: Vernon M. Whaley           ISBN: 978-0-910566-02-5          Pages 174


Table of Content



Chapter 1: Authentic Worship: Confirming the Call

Chapter 2: Old Testament Principles for Music and Worship

Chapter 3: New Testament Principles for Music and Worship

Chapter 4: Overview of the Great Awakenings

Chapter 5: Trends & Innovations in Worship, Part 1

Chapter 6: Trends & Innovations in Worship, Part 2

Chapter 7: The Dynamic Roles of the Worship Leader, Part 1

Chapter 8: The Dynamic Roles of the Worship Leader, Part 2

Chapter 9: Building an Effective Music & Worship Ministry

Chapter 10: Worship and Serving

Chapter 11: Give Thanks with a Grateful Heart

Chapter 12: Where Do We Go from Here?