Understanding Teaching

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Many engaged in Christian teaching do so for many years without weary spirits. Others who were once earnest, give up in despair. What makes the difference? Biblical teaching brings appreciation for this spiritual gift. To understand the teaching ministry is to realize its significant impact on the spread of the Gospel. Approaching this task biblically involves empowerment from the Holy Spirit, insight into God's Word, sharp communications skills, and accurate interaction with students.

Gregory C. Carlson, 96 pages, paper, ISBN 978-0-910566-73-5, Item# 1155

Table of Contents

  • Why Teach?
  • Why Students Learn?
  • Preparing Yourself in the Word?
  • Application and Learning
  • Understanding Lesson Aims
  • Planning the Lesson
  • Teaching Students--Not Lessons
  • Selecting Methods
  • Preparing Materials
  • Setting Your Classroom
  • Evaluating Teaching
  • Keeping Fresh