Bundle: Biblical Beliefs & You and Your Bible

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Biblical Beliefs

What was it that lead to the early church's success? Not success in financial terms or political influence, early Christians overcame persecution to become the most dominant religious force the world has ever known. Their fundamental faith commitments supported a manner of life that linked beliefs and behavior, or doctrine and practice. The Apostle Paul warned that deceptions are a significant danger to Christians. Truth, then, becomes essential for living in perilous times.

W. Jackson Watts, 128 pages, paper, ISBN 978-1-929852-10-9, Item # 1100



You and Your Bible 

Believers should be well informed about the Word of God. God created mankind in his own image and likeness for the purpose of contact and communion with Him. This course presents the inspiration and authorship of the Bible; how it was preserved, why we believe it, how to deal with its problems and critics, the role of archaeology and ways to study it more effectively.

R. Laird Harris, 96 pages, paper, ISBN 978-0-910566-12-4, Item# 1170